Zoo Views

Well, yesterday was the last day before Zoë comes home from Rite Of Passage (this AWESOME school trip where she spends nearly 3 weeks in Sydney doing all the touristy stuff with awesome excursions – ALL FOR FREE SO JEALOUS!) so we decided to get off to the shops and have a sushi lunch date with Nic meeting us on her work lunch break! Brought some super super cute otter pyjamas from Peter Alexander and a little bib for my little nephew Alex!


After picking up Zoë from school, we had a big ol’ catch up and chatted about life, then accidentally napped 🙄😂 had a super tasty dinner of halloumi and zucchini fritters, corn on the cob & roasted potatoes, never have I loved a green dish more in my life – sooooooo tasty!! Nic is a fabulous cook! 🤤🤤 We were all pretty zonko-d after a long day, and I have to admit that jet lag is kind of kicking my ass 😴 I was in bed by 9 😂😂😂😂

So we were up super early to get a head start driving into Sydney to go to the ZOO!!!!! 🐨🦎🕷🐛🐥🦅🐸🦊 we saw soooooo many animals! Turtles, snakes, frogs, giraffes, gorillas, chimpanzees, fennec foxes, zebras, CUTEST MEERKATS, tiny little chooks, QUOKKAS 😍,  kangaroos, wallabys, door mice, wombats, obviously koalas, seals, baby Sydney Little Penguins, terrifying pelicans, the baby elephant new Tom the zoo only 1 month old, white cheeked gibbon with a cute little ginger baby!! So cute!!!!!!

And not to forget to include the VIEWS 😍


After a super long morning & afternoon walking all around the zoo, brought myself  little cup to start a tradition of every time that I go to Taronga Zoo, I buy myself a cup 🙄😂 arrived at our hotel and brought a tonne of beers and snacks to settle into, possibly ordering in some noodles later (since we are in Chinatown) it seems obligatory! And that’s all from the last 2 days chums!

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