A Week of Walks

I completely forgot to update this so I have a bit of a long post with plenty of pictures for a weeks worth of shenanigans!! ☺️ So this week has been a whirlwind of sleepiness fro, the miles and miles we walked over the weekend in Sydney, crazy amounts of Mia darting around and playing Netball ready for her State Age competition/carnival in Campbelltown for the weekend! Which happens to be the biggest competition for Netball in the Southern Hemisphere for this age group and ability range – PROUD COUSIN!! (Well, I consider these gals as my sisters so PROUD SISTER!!) Decided to have a relaxing day on Tuesday with Zoe and then Wednesday brought a day of cooking a tasty AF sandwich for lunch and then a deliiiiiiicious dinner of Sweet Potato and Chickpea burgers with ALL the trimmings!! Was so so so bloody tasty 👅😍

THURSDAY IS HIKING DAY!! Probably won’t stick as a tradition and in England the views won’t even TOUCH the amazing sights I found at Fitzroy Falls 😍 Packed up a lil lunch for Zoë and I, and found these amazing viewpoints! And of course, we jumped at a photo opportunity!! 😇😇

We picked up Mia from school and her lil chums were desperate to hear my accent so they stood and stared waiting for me to talk, not to put me on the spot at all 🙄😂😂

STATE AGE WEEKEND! Mia has been waiting for ages and ages for this! She played so so so well, even with her nasty hips and knees and everything else she still manages to play netball brilliantly and won’t complain about hurting, she’s such a little trooper 💕  The weather in Campbelltown was SO much nicer than Moss Vale, we wore just t-shirts and jeans and my legs were itch burning from the heat! It’s bloody average of 5 degrees usually in Moss Vale 😭😂  but the pictures show the lovely lush weather!

Since we didn’t quite fancy waking up super early to go watch Mia play netball on Sunday; Steve, Zoë and I went for a super long morning of walks at Carrington Falls, walked around about amd looked at the viewpoints that we could find & then ended at Nellies Glen a little waterfall place that Zoë and her pals all hang around during the summer when the water isn’t -384859101 degrees cold!! 😭 But the view was still brilliant nonetheless! We also went to Illawara Fly high walk! Was so cool to witness and experience the nature from a different height and the extra 106 steps to the extra high viewpoint was FABULOUS!



IMG_3391IMG_3387SO – since Mia has been playing crazy amounts of netball and played so so well, we thought we would bake her some YUM CAKES! Evidence shows that is true, they were yum, delicious and riddled with potential diabetes 🙄😂😍



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