Danang u r naaaaaaat my fave but I’m still loving vietnam! We arrived to our hostel in Danang; which luckily was around the corner from Aimee & Nics’! So we had a lovely lunch at a riverside cafe/restaurant – super tasty noodles!! The others had Beef Phó – no veggie pho option for me!! 😫😭😱 Shopping time!!! We went to Han Market and holy bloody moly, the wet marker on the bottom floor was the worst smell I think I have ever encountered 🤢😷 after we abused the nostrils with the vile odour, we went on a search for shopping centres and markets around the area we were in! Found one and had a lovely lil Peach Ice Tea, I’ve eaten and drunk like a fat queen since being here and I have no shame 🤤💁🏼

Aimee had invited us to join them on their Marble Mountains day out, unfortunately there wasn’t any sign posts about what the mountains, caves and pagodas were used for but the view points to the river and sea were incredible!! But lucky for us, google is on our side so we found out that it’s named after the 5 elephants; metal, wood, water, fire and earth. (Thuy Son (Water), Moc Son (Wood), Hoa Son (Fire), Kim Son (Metal or Gold) and Tho Son (Earth))

The caves that were intwined with the mountains were used to shoot the Americans arriving from all areas, since they were so high up it was a perfect place to hide and camp out to shoot from, alongside the religious aspects with the pagoda’s and the Buddha statues dotted around the mountains. It says that they also used one of the caves for a make shift hospital for soldiers hurt in battle. Very interesting as it wasn’t signposted as a massive POI in terms of the war and religious side of it!

One of the top moments of Danang, we all decided to have a big ol’ full body massage! An hour long full body massage and a shower for only £8!! SO NEEDED! She properly went to town on my back and did it a world of good from long walks, swimming and lugging a huge bag around! A lovely Italian (will needs to not eat spicy and asian food!!) dinner after and then said our goodbyes to Aimee & Nic! Will & I had decided that our hostel seemed a bit dodgey as we were the only ones staying in the entire building and the facilities were that brill. And the bed, lord above – punching a wall would have been softer!!! So we swapped to Memory Hostel which Aimee and Nic had stayed at last night, but they left this evening so we had a chiiiiilled night!!

BEACH DAY!! Also known now as “turn emily into a super red burnt ass lobster” day 😅 so so so sunburnt! But copious amounts of aftersun was applied!!! 😂 we decided that we needed a lil bit of luxury so we booked into a 5* hotel nearer to the airport – it was AMAZING!! And it was only £52 for the night – considering the standard of service and attention to detail they give in hotels AND hostels out here, it’s so so cheap compared to the service you’d get for a hotel in the U.K, or most other places for that matter! Dinner st the restaurant in the hotel that evening was one of the best meals I’ve EVER had in my life! So so so yum! Grilled salmon, roasted vegetables and a creamy dill sauce – it was beyond delicious 🤤🤤🤤🤤

After a well rested nights sleep in a massive king sized bed, off to the airport we went!! Annoyingly, our flight had been delayed twice so we waited around for a while but gave us a chance to have a lil read and a bit more time to chill out! Off on the plane we went and headed up to Hanoi for the last big bit of our travels!

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