Nha Trang

So we arrived in the early evening to the iHome Hostel (voted as the best hostel in N.T!!!) which is easy to see as it’s super clean, mega helpful staff & lovely food and drinks! Annnnnnd time to hit the roof top bar! 🍻🍻🍻 may have had one too many with too few dinners in me but hey I had a fabbo time, even if I can’t remember most of it πŸ˜‡ I do now know that we ended up at this underground club that was under the beach πŸ˜‡ We woke the next morning and headed to the beach which was looooooovely and warm and warm sea and SUNSHINE!! I don’t know what it is about British people but the sun makes everyone feel so much better about themselves and life! H.O.L – high on life right now! I love it here 😍😍😍 headed back to go to the Ponagar Cham Towers! It was quite extraordinary that there is such a religious site in the middle of the busy city, but luckily there is a big line of trees making it seem a bit further away from the roads! The towers were and are actively used for worship by the Cham, Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhists. There is a few writings that the towers were built as early as the 2nd century – whaaaaaat!!

Up next – Thap Ba Hot Springs mud spa!!! Weirdest experience ever! My skin felt soooo good afterwards but I definitely didn’t like the sideways shower – holy moly it was like someone was shooting needles at me! We did not like that bit πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ We decided to have a spot o’ lunch at the spa as it was around Β£3.30 for two bowls of Pho and 2 drinks = yaaaaaaaaaaaahs please!! Why can’t everything be this cheap at home! We went back to the beach in our slightly hungover spa-d out states then headed back for yet another night of booooooozing! We met another couple and they got us into the beer syringe and some drinking games – yes again, we got druunk, Nha Trang has got us under its party-ish spell.


^^ The eventful beer syringe!! ^^

On Tuesday, we had booked into a snorkel tour which was lovely! It wasn’t as hot and was slightly overcast so it was really bearable to be outside all day! Saw some sea urchins, sea cucumbers and obviously a lot of little fishies! 🐑🐠 lunch was included and served on the board which was actually super tasty! Noodles with soya and squid and tuna and lots of bak choy – yum yummersssssss!!!!! We decided to have a chilled evening as we had drunk so much the past few days but then found out that it was one of the girls’ birthday that we had met on the boat who was also staying in our hostel – so yet another night out! But pre night out at the hostel roof bar was fun fun and the manager Andy got his guitar out and we had a right singalong! Annoyingly, videos won’t upload so I can’t please you with the wonderful singing! πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

So we checked out the following day and had a snoozing beach day preparing ourselves for (my first) night bus which wasn’t too bad! Could have done with better space but hey it was pretty darn cheap! See you in the morning Hoi An – buzzing to see ya!!!! πŸ’™

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