A Whole Load of Sayings & Positivity

They say “blood is thicker than water” but that’s not always the case. Since I have been back from my trip, a few curveballs have been sent my way that normally would have reduced me to have a panic attack anxiety driven meltdown, but with the views and experience I found when I was on my travels I have been able to cope with it much better.

For example, the front passenger side of my car has been scratched, dented and has a broken headlight in a dink I had with my grandparents garage (no one was hurt so no physical harm done!!). Normally I would kick cry and be angry at the situation – but this sort of stuff happens! It’s not the classic “why do bad things happen to good people” – it’s just life and that’s how it goes! So as I was saying, instead of being upset about it, I went to my VW dealership and sorted the solution. No fuss. No tears. A pain in the butt to try and sort it out but the only harm done is a slight inconvenience of sorting it to be fixed and not having a car for 1 day in the future whenever it is fixed!

This is the lifestyle reactions I want to keep a hold of from now on. But again, as I was saying (I tend to ramble on a lot so bear with!) events make me realise who is worth keeping in my life and those who cause me negativity won’t be around anymore, simple as that. If there is negativity in your life that you can remove – then do it! Don’t let dwelling upsets, grudges and misery control your life! Like I’m doing with mine from now on. Like they always say,

“the world is your oyster”


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