Kickstart It Over Again

So for a while now I have been thinking about maybe going into study or a career within the medical field! Don’t get me wrong I love photography and my degree at UoS isn’t even finished yet, still the dreaded third year to go with the dissertation module & final degree project *shudders at he thought of it* I am actually looking forward to the degree project (this may be typical famous last words) as I’ve got a a pretty cool project to go ahead with, that’s super contemporary and a current relevant issue in today’s society! All will be revealed in upcoming months!! Since starting my degree, I’ve been shown lots of new opportunities and job roles that I didn’t know existed within the realm of photography, such as; printing, scanning, editing, framing & social media control, all of which I would love to do working at Metro in London!! I have already done my work experience there so fingers crossed that will put me in good stead with possible job interviews! Steve Macleod is the visiting lecturer at our university but more importantly he is the Creative Director at Metro, so again luckily I’ve already met him before!

But I can’t seem to shake off the idea of enrolling into a Paramedic or Midwifery course but maybe with a apprenticeship sort of workplace so I can earn money AND study at the same time which I think would work the best for me! I know there are obviously entry requirements but lots of people change their minds through their life about what they want to do and then they go ahead and do it! I have a B in biology at GCSE level so I suppose that’s my starting point of the entry requirements, but I got a big ol keen attitude and enthusiasm towards it!

My plan at the moment is to finish my Photography Degree, apply for jobs in BOTH fields of work and see which happens for me. Leaving it in the hands of fate! ☺️👩🏼‍⚕️👩🏼‍💻

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