Expectations Vs. Reality with Women

Many individuals (now don’t expect that I am only talking about men here!) expect women to be prepped, primed, beautiful, clean, on top of things, domesticated, intelligent, well developed, skinny but with a giant ass & huge boobs, that we are the psychos in the relationship, couldn’t possibly of a higher status then a man in the workplace, that we should own several cats if we aren’t married by 30…. Well, guess what?


This age of society has got us women, young and old, to be considering how to be within ourselves just because of these ridiculous expectations. It isn’t exactly new, its been happening for years and years. Women were expected to be seen and not heard, maintaining a pretty face for those to admire yet no touchy touchy as they belong *inner feminist shudders aggressively* to their man, as if they are some form of property – hell to the no!

Women Suffrage was not that long ago in the broad scheme of things! For those who don’t know, the Women Suffrage was the movement that began due to 19th century women having no rights to vote in national politics (yes thats right – none, zilch, el zippo!!), stand as political candidates for Parliament. The assumption stemmed from that the women didn’t need to vote as their husbands would take the responsible political-decision-making role in the family home and women could only be child rearing and housewives, BLEURGH! Organised campaigns for the Women Suffrage  began to appear in 1866 & allowed women to begin to vote – only in 1888 & only in local council elections. One turn around that fuelled this movement more was when John Stuart Mill proposed an amendment in a Parliament meeting that could give women the right to vote on the same terms as men, only to be rejected 194 against & 73 for the motion! Hence the momentum increasing for those brilliant revolutionary women! Cutting the super brief history lesson slightly short, women only received the right (the fact that it was deemed as something men had to allow women to do still disgusts me but hey our women did us proud!!) to vote fully in 1928, not even 90 years ago!

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be a part of gender who have faced these difficulties and uphill battles, but come on ladies! Lets do ourselves proud and ensure that all the hardships our predecessor lady warriors faced didn’t go in vain!

If your man doesn’t text you back, thats fine – you’re a strong independent woman and you don’t need to let your relationship status define who you are as a person.

If you overhear a guy commenting on your body shape – fuck him and you do you girl, you don’t need approval from anyone on your figure! If you’re not happy change for you – NOT for anyone else!

Feel that you can’t voice yourself and your brilliant ideas in the workplace or a meeting because you feel a male dominated presence in the room? SO WHAT – GIRL YOU GO FOR IT!

Don’t you let yourself be a damsel in distress that you feel needs then to be rescued by the strong arms of a man, when in reality they’re just a dick who mad you feel that way seems to be the source of the problem for many of my girls!

If you’re in a relationship that has made you feel that your opinions are not valid, you’re not good enough and that you’re made to be a subject to his bad attitude and temper – leave his sorry ass and make yourself shine like the diamond you are!

All these points are what I focus on for myself, and I hope they offer some words of wisdom for a fellow superwoman who isn’t in a position they’re happy with. Best words of advice, talk to your best friends and your mum! These are the two most important relationships you need to maintain in your life ladies, they’ve always got your back!

Feel free to message me on here or on my instagram if you have any further help needed!


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