How I Unwind & Destress

For me, I feel that I am a very intermittently stressed person! And that is ok!! Its how you deal and manage emotional stress alongside normal stress helps to define you and let you get on with your lovely life! With my final year of university at the front and foremost of my emotional stress, other things like to get in the way, like family issues, stinky boys, friends, and being busy at work ensuring that I can afford my car and to go on lush trips around the world and to do nice days out and meals with my friends and to have the nice make up that I like – its too much!! Obviously, writing this blog is very therapeutic for me, its nice to be able to get my thoughts out and written down, I use this and a little diary hidden away at home. Its like expelling the issues from inside of you, so its one less thing to worry about! I mean, I would love to say I like to meditate or do some yoga to relax myself but I haven’t quite got into those yet! Yoga is DEFINITELY next on the list but at the moment I like to do the following;

Go to the gym – I can hear many of you going “whaaaaaa that doesn’t sound relaxing!!” BUT it is brill for releasing positive energy and lots of good endorphins that make you feel happier! Although getting to the gym and during I am usually HATING life and wanting to be snuggled up netflixing in bed cocooned with multiple fluffy blankets but afterwards I’m so glad I went and feel ready to face the world & daily stresses!

Cooking – I absolutely LOVE to cook! Since being a vegetarian I have got far more interested in how I cook my food, where the ingredients come from and putting real soul food into my body ensuring that I’m properly nourished and full of yummy good for you nutrition! I love Mexican and Indian dishes so I tend to spice my ingredients accordingly to whatever I fancy for dinner or lunch. But for breakfast I bloomin love scrambled eggs with hot Nando’s sauce – don’t knock it until you try it!! 🤤🤤

Walking – extremely therapeutic when you live in such a pretty landscape-y area! Especially going for a walk with a dog, my lil wispa makes me super happy and feel so much more happier as she’s such a nutter and fun to play with!

And obviously, as earlier mentioned, snuggling up and just letting myself become a blanket burrito and watching copious amounts of Netflix series and films! Sometimes you don’t have to do anything active or a specific activity to proactively unwind yourself – just to do nothing is sometimes lovely!

If anyone else has any other ideas about how to unwind or relax yourself, please drop me a message! I’d love to hear your advice too!!


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