Mac Review

So last week, my hunny chummy Gemma and I paid to do a MAC make over/lesson at Fenwick Colchester for their 1 year birthday/anniversary of being open! Thinking of it only being a year seems to have flown by so quickly, their make up department is to die for & so so so pretty!

So the deal was it cost £20 per person for an appointment with a MUA and they would do a skin or eyes session for you, and then you have £20 worth of credit to spend on products that you wanted! Absolute result in my opinion as I knew I would be definitely buying something, or several things…..bye bye bank account 💸💸💸 Gemma and I both went for face as it seemed more useful than the eye lesson!So our lovely Charlotte got us set off with cupcakes and a prosecco – it’s the little touches that make these sorts of experiences so nice and memorable! I went first and she did my face all pretty and FLAWLESS – honestly I felt like I had my face photoshopped! 😍 it was really good how she did the make up for you and also explained how she was using the products and tips that were suited for our skin type and face shape!

All of the products she used are as followed;


Pro Longwear Foundation, Shade: NW17, £27


This as a product seemed to glide onto my skin, which shows since I have been using it since purchasing, blends into the skin beautifully with a light-medium coverage so it isn’t cakey at all, looks super natural & I’ve been asked several times if I am actually wearing foundation! So this product is a MUST if you want a super natural coverage, to even out skin tones and blemishes! I have combination skin and works wonders!

Studio Care Blend Pressed Powder, Shade: Light Plus, £23.


Wait a little while after applying a liquid or cream foundation/concealer product to allow your skin base to dry completely, then lightly dab this on with a powder brush – it ensures that your foundation has dried fully and then set into place with this powder! The colour is super light (unlike the picture shows!!) but has nice warm tones, which works well with my skin as I’m so pale and like to not look like a ghost!!

Double Gleam Highlighter, £24.50


HOLY MACARONI! This product is BEAUUUUUTIFUL! I went into the lesson thinking that I wanted to purchase the Soft & Gentle highlighting bronze-ry, but this was just too brilliant not to add to my make up collection! Its pretty neutral tone so doesn’t change your skin tone/colouring you’ve just perfected with your foundation, concealer, powder which is a fab start! Its got slightly warming tones and ensures that you get your proper glow on to get you through the day!

Bronzing Powder, Shade: Matte Bronze, £23


This bronzer looks properly dark in the picture and is in person – but the matte effect means that its not super pigmented, so 1. you don’t waste lots of product applying the first time and looking like an oompa loompa, and 2, you can carefully and gradually build up on your contouring – perfecting your skills too! With the matte effect, you can know that you won’t take away from your beautifully highlighted cheek bones!

All the products I brought! Many more to come when my older bits run out!


In the goody bag, there were little testers of mascara and a free (full sized!!) Liptensity lipstick in the shade Hellebore. SUPER lovely pigmented colouring, its more of a lip salve feel instead of lipstick, but still lovely to wear and lips feel nourished afterwards!

Afterwards we obviously took FULL advantage of the selfie light ring that they have in the store & collected our goodie bags – free mascara and a free lipstick!! Another lesson booked in to go back and use the eyes tutorials they have in store, I think I will use the everyday sort of look as it’ll be more useful! Thankfully, I had plans to go to afterwards as I didn’t want my full face of make up to go unseen!


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