Personal Bucket List

Everyone has their own list of things they would like to do before they kick the bucket! This idea was pinched from my hunny chummy Gemma, who has her own blog you should definitely go check out! Click here for her homepage!

Get my ears pierced

Have meerkats climb all over me

Go to a music festival I used to work at Shaken Udder Milkshakes doing the ol’ festival tours! Best summers of my life so far!!!

Meet a president – preferably Obama!

Get a tattoo  I have 6….

Get matching tattoos with a bestie and/or bae Me & my best friend Coco got spontaneous matching XO tattoos (tag line of Gossip Girl – xoxo…gossipgirl)

Skinny dipping!

Do the ‘dance with no pants’ somewhere fairly public

Get drunk and dance on the tables

Sell one of my own photographic works in an auction

 Date someone from a different country

Get drunk at Apres Ski then ski home

Learn Origami

Get a degree

Catch a wave surfing

Do a flip on a trampoline

Learn how to do Tumbling

Go skydiving

Meet my ‘face twin’

Go on an exchange program

Learn to scuba dive

Spend a day working at a Zoo/Rehab centre for animals

Ride a hot air balloon

Whitewater Rafting

Learn how to Kite Surf

Rappel down a waterfall/into a cave

Bathe an Elephant

Release baby turtles into the ocean

Volunteer work

Swim with Manatees

See a wild Orca

Be a bridesmaid

Spend a summer Orca Lab with Megan

Share a kiss behind a waterfall

Take part in a protest (peaceful protest!!)

Go to see a broadway show

Learn to play an instrument

Get married

Be a Bee Keeper for the day

Go to a drive in movie theatre

Bonfire tiki beach party

Donate blood

Adopt a baby/child in need of a good home

Find a pearl in an oyster

Do an act of random kindness

Send out anonymous postcards with inspirational thoughts on

Send a care package to a soldier

Work at a homeless shelter

Go see the Olympics

Ride in a helicopter

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