The Ultimate Travelist!

So ALL holiday blues have well and truly set in, get me on a plane to anywhere & everywhere! Wivenhoe is nice & all, but a lot of conservative, close minded people who just want to drink & smoke their lives away – no judgement but that is not the life for me! Last year for Christmas (and yes Christmas’s first mention – there is far to much excitement and its only December!) ((but Christmas means my third year at university is almost over & I have definitely not done nearly as much as I would have liked to!))

ANYHOW – my brother Jamie, sis-in-law Holly & GORGEOUS nephew Alexander brought me the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist book that was on my wishlist (have a peek at this years Christmas Wishlist post for some inspo!) and it has inspired me & fuelled my wanderlust so much more! I loved it so much that my Vietnam trip stemmed from this book so I can definitely recommend! It does the top rated 500 so there are a lot of places out there that many wouldn’t necessarily have even heard about, but the pictures and informative title paragraph for each convinces everyone that you basically HAVE to go there! The book itself has a really snazzy jazzy cover to attract all the travellers! It also comes with a nice little poster map that has the top 100 on with pin points all over the globe, I mean so many people would just leave this as a coffee table, to snazz up their bookshelf or maybe even as a paperweight but shoutout to those who use it properly!




Naturally, as we looked through on Christmas Day (my siblings and I are keen travellers, who’d want to just go sit on a beach all week?!) we had a little competition where we counted who had been to the most! Oldest bro, Jamie, won, then my sister, Niki, then myself then my other brother Josh – so at least I wasn’t dead last! But I am the youngest so thats my excuse! I have been to a fair few places I will admit, I have been very lucky that when my parents were together they wanted us to go around the world!So the following lil list is where I have been to and where they ranked in the top 500!

Great Barrier Reef (no.2), British Museum (no.15), Hanoi Old Quarter (no.31), Uluru (no.33), Charles Bridge (no.34), Old Town Square (no.44), Tate Modern (no.52), Sydney Opera House (no.58), Anne Frank Huis (no.59), Halong Bay (WHICH SHOULD BE FURTHER UP THE LIST!! but no.65), Hoi An Old Town (no.83), Auschwitz-Birkenau (no.104), Prinsengracht Canal (no.128), Mont Blanc (no.185), Blue Mountains National Park (no.202), Natural History Museum (no.239), The Eden Project (no.281), Cu Chi Tunnels (no.306), Tower of London (no.467) – so 19/500BOOKING NEXT FLIGHT!

Speaking of next flights, I am off to New York City (!!!) on a University trip mainly to work with Apeture and New York Times, so obviously lots of sight seeing too and meeting with lots of gallery curators and having private tours, getting as many contacts as possible! I haven’t got all of the details yet but definitely will be crossing off a few NYC hot spots!

After hours of gazing at the book, researching and then looking on Pinterest of “how to get rich really quick to bugger off travelling forever” – I came up with my own lil list of future places to go to and to cross off along the way! (You’ve probably sussed that I LOVE lists!)

  1. Temples of Angkor Watt, Cambodia
  2. Machu Piccu, Peru – this is actually up next on the list for long trips! Desperate to go to Peru!
  3. Yosemite National Park, U.S.A – follow in the steps of my main g Ansel Adams (my most favourite photographer in the whole entire world!)
  4. Pompeii, Italy
  5. Isle of Skye, Scotland
  6. Silfra, Iceland
  7. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
  8. Everest Base Camp, Nepal
  9. Chichen Itza, Mexico
  10. Taj Mahal, India
  11. Grand Canyon National Park, U.S.A
  12. Petra, Jordan
  13. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
  14. Galapogos Islands, Ecuador
  15. Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A
  16. Palanque, Mexico
  17. Johnstone Strait, BC, Canada
  18. Cristo Redentor, Brazil
  19. Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka
  20. Mont St-Michel, France
  21. Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines
  22. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda
  23. Bioluminescent Bays, Puerto Rico
  24. Diwali Festival
  25. Jaspers Glacier Skywalk, Canada
  26. Glovers Reef, Belize
  27. Sapa, Vietnam
  28. Lavena Walk, Fiji
  29. Archipielago de San Blas, Panama
  30. Jokhang Temple, Tibet


So just a few places I want to go to…..I need to start saving!

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