About Me

Howdy hey everyone & welcome to my website!

Not sure how you may have stumbled across here, but I hope you follow along and enjoy! So what do you want to know about me on my lil ‘about me’ page? I will admit I am a strong lover of lists, so listing a few things about myself might help!

  • I’m a twenty-summing year old who loves to eat and drink to her hearts content with my favourite people
  • My dog is the cutest dog ever – fact!
  • I am super passionate about being a earthling, which means that sometimes you need to make sure you look after the world properly – which made me go vegan! I’ve got a true and undying love for animals, plants and the world and think we should preserve and appreciate it for as long as possible!
  • I’m a lover of trying new things, like sustainable swaps, cooking and exercise!
  • I LOVE to travel, and although this is now such a cliche thing to say with so many people going on their ‘gap yarrhs’, it really does change how you view the world from whatever little corner you are originally from. The main goal is to go absolutely everywhere in my little piece of existence!!

So theres a few things about me! I won’t ramble on too much as I like to keep you all on your toes!

Enjoy! x